De Marinis Alessandro


Alessando De Marinis | Arte Laguna PrizeAlessando De Marinis
Bari, Italy 1995

Inseparabili – Giango et Poncho

Art selection: Photography

Dimensions: 120 x 80 cm

Year: 2022

Technique: Analogic Photography

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During the days, the weeks they spend alone, their home, their nest serves as protection against the grey contamination of the world of «nuclelessD, that is to say those who have not had the privilege of knowing twin love. During this period of pure and eternal time, Pon and Giango have the feeling of being able to live eternally together, in symbiosis, to create a unique man beyond earthly laws without any emotional obligation. But this nest is as powerful as it is fragile. It only takes very little, a fine wind trail that manages to enter even through the smallest slit to make its balance compromised and altered. As in an infinite and perpetual cycle, Giango takes charge of the twin’s integrity, guardian and protector of this sacred and unique relic. School, Church and Family were the first weapons that the without-nuclei used to be able to attract to them Pon and Giango in order to normalize them. These three entities began slowly and stealthily to divide the paths of Giango and Poncho and to destroy the twin peace, but nothing could counter the unwavering affection they continue to preserve.