Kouniari Kiki


Kiki Kouniari | Arte Laguna PrizeKiki Kouniari
Athens, Greece

Indoor Topography

Art section: Video Art

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2020

Materials: Video

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Indoor Topography is a composition that draws from the experience of lockdown during the Covid outbreak. The indoor of a house unfolds into a strip, where fragmented episodes in different rooms coexist autonomously. Indoor TopographYs space is a liminal one that expands between experience, event, and emotion. Windows, actual or constructed (collaged video clips on top of static images become conceptual windows), refer to the need to escape the constraints of the given space. Sense comes forward through the prevailing lack of meaning, of purpose, and of hope for a way out. Starting from the left side of the strip, in the first room a road video clip is collaged onto a window. The lights and shadows of the road try to tune up with the static lines of the room. Next door another window shows the unchangeable image of a house across the street. Right next to it another window, a constructed one, is in fact the multiplication of vision of the same thing: a desk, a bottle, a plant, a window in the background. In the adjacent room a video clip of a hand examines a tiny blob blood from different angles. This is collaged onto an image of the sunset over the roofs of houses. At times a dim reproduction of the image of the sunset reflects on the bathroom wall next door. In the bathroom, the last room of the strip, on top of the shower curtain a clip from another room shows a figure coming and going, trying t jump out of the constraints of its box.