Coefficiente G


Coefficiente G | Arte Laguna PrizeCoefficiente G
Gavardo, Italy 1993


Art section: Painting

Dimensions: 171 x 156 cm

Year: 2021

Technique: Bleaching

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The luck we have to have a home is not a small thing. We should learn to value what we have but sometimes it gets out of sight. Someone told me that houses are like our third skin.There are those in the world who would give everything to have a home and a family. Sometimes the difficult dynamics with affections can cloud a fuller view of reality. I would like this work to be looked at like all the second times in which we rediscover the stars, after a long time that we do not give real attention to the night sky or after having always looked at it but without seeing and without grasping its splendor. Our eyes may be covered by clouds or light pollution, but sometimes the light re-emerges even when it is night. We are lucky if we have a home. Or when we find someone who is our home.