Arnell Peter


Peter Arnell | Arte Laguna Prize Peter Arnell
Stoccolma, Sweden 1958


Art selection: Photography

Dimensions: 120 x 95 cm

Year: 2021

Tecnique: Digital photography made out from drawings and paintings

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I’m very interested in history and culture, and my idea was to show how the very important history and culture is vanishing slowly behind the technical waves and vibrations of modern society. We are losing our connection with the past, and are instead imprisoned in an ever-present now, where all desires could instantly be satisfied. We are creating a new Homo Consumit. My images are digitally created out from drawings and photographs. This image is primarily intended to be printed on Fine Art or Photographic paper. It’s digitally made, and therefore it could be printed in any size with the same dimensions and even be printed on other types of materials. All images exist in only five copies.