Bert Andrea Mario


Andrea Mario Bert | Arte Laguna PrizeAndrea Mario Bert
Forlì, Italy 1984

Esiste una disciplina che apre gli spazi

Art section: Urban Art

Year: 2021

Materials: Acrilyc resin

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“There is a discipline that opens spaces, and opens them vertically as updrafts. Or in a straight line, on the upper plane of the clouds.
There is a discipline that eludes the gravity of the playground in a web of straight lines and invisible trails. Of exchanges between bounces and beats.
There is a discipline that ends in the mystical movement of the circle and incorporates in the plate, the dimension of the sphere.”
It is with these words by Cesare Pomarici, interpreted by Federico Buffa in the video by Walter Molfese, that the project introduces itself to the public.
Born from the idea of a small ‘street art’ intervention and supported by the newly founded OLVIDADOS Foundation in 2019, it then developed into a large urban redevelopment project that resulted in the renovation of an entire area of the Via Dragoni Park and its sports facilities.
But what if it gets ruined?
It will mean that someone has been dreaming about it….
The two playgrounds, dedicated to two athletes who died prematurely (basketball player Matteo Margheritini and Italian national volleyball team champion Vigor Bovolenta) were inaugurated in July 2021 and made available to the many sports associations and the public.
The intervention was completely free of charge. For the city. For sport. For people.

Technical data:
The entire work, developed on the playground surfaces, was executed completely by ‘brushstroke’ (without the aid of rollers or sprays) in about ten days by the individual artist. This required an enormous effort, but made it possible through each ‘brushstroke’ to maintain and enhance the naturalness of the representation, but also to make the most of the special paints used and made available. The brushes, as well as the balloon used for the video presentation, are kept together with the preliminary sketches of the project.