ArchiSculpteurs | Arte Laguna Prize ArchiSculpteurs
Avignon – Souillac, France 1987

Erosion [1421. 1416.]

Art section: Land Art

Year: 2022

Materials: Wood and harvest net

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Just imagine, tens of thousands of years ago, a cave in the mountain was revealed little by little, by means of erosion. An intuitive form, resulting from the imaginary topographical survey of this cave, is hanging in the air, frozen in time. The very first refuge was in fact our own body and our initial instinct was to protect ourselves from the weather and from predatory animals by taking refuge inside naturally formed caves. Erosion [1421. 1416.] is an invitation to understand the topography of the land, an ArchiSculpture which encourages us to fully embrace each movement. Climb up inside the installation and take a moment to just stop and observe the surroundings from these ancient viewpoints, to be at one with the landscape and connect with our own version of nature.

Julien Fajardo, Architect.
Vincent Brédif, Sculptor
Photography : Olivier Devise
Film: François Rousseau