Chow and Lin


APP | Arte Laguna PrizeChow and Lin
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1980

Equivalence X:1

Art section: Sculpture and Installation

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2022

Materials: Wheat flour, electronics, water

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Equivalence X:1 investigates our perceptual values in a system which unequivocally places measures on matter in life. In this large format grid, the price of the singular item in the center is equal to the total value of the surrounding items. The objects are ready-made consumables co-existing in an urban society— in this proposed case study, a singular mobile phone and pieces of dried pasta. The visual uniformity masks an underlying contrast which alludes to the subjectivity of the user and audience. Intrinsic and external parameters compel an existence defined by fulfilment and creation, perpetuating an elusive dynamic order. Equal it is. It is not.