Charneau Adeline


Adeline Charneau | Arte Laguna PrizeAdeline Charneau
Bordeaux, France


Art section: Digital art

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 2 cm

Year: 2021

Materials: Print on canvas

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Look at the power of the movement, move forward! We are together. COLLECTION 2021: Would Homo-sapiens become obsolete? L’homo-sapiens è diventato obsoleto? Homo-sapiens serait-il devenu obsolète? ¿Quedó obsoleto el Homo sapiens? All living organisms are in constant evolution. This was defined by Charles Darwin in his theory of the evolution of species, and this evolution carries a share of randomness and variation. With the upsurge of nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and cognitive science, new anthropological narratives appear redesigning the shapes of a human being fixed, transformed or even enhanced . Homo sapiens can now manipulate his DNA, transgress natural selection and eliminate the element of chance. Vision of a better world or an apocalyptic world? All along my artistic works, I have been questioning the ethical aspect/part of these narratives, and I would like people to develop a critical thinking on the human condition and his future. I would like to describe the flows, the waves from then considered as vital energies which transcend the Human being in all the aspects of his human condition. The human being is a living being, among living beings interconnected and animated by vibrations. The only way the human being will adapt to his environment, is by understanding and accepting his humanity and interconnection with Nature.