Zeng Zhenwei


Zhenwei Zeng | Arte Laguna PrizeZhenwei Zeng
Guangzhou, China 1960

Embrece the world

Art section: Urban Art

Year: 2021

Materials: Stainless steel

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Located on the central axis of Guangzhou, the sculpture consists of two tubemans embracing each other and looking up to the sky together. More than 6000 precision steel tubes of different lengths are combined and transformed to form the heads of the figures. The high-end art combined with multimedia interactive installation breaks the boundary between sculpture and media, becoming a large permanent human-machine interactive public art work in the center of a first-tier city landmark. The work symbolizes that China embraces the world with great love, Guangzhou embraces the Greater Bay Area, enjoys beauty and happiness with all mankind, and embraces a bright future together.