Burns Cristina


Cristina Burns | Arte Laguna PrizeCristina Burns
Rota, Spain 1982

Delusional Parasitosis – Series

Sunday Desserts

The Fear of Chocking

Fresh Food

Delusional Parasitosis


Art section: Photography

Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm

Year: 2015

Technique: Photography

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The Delusional Parasitosis’ series stems from an investigation of mental illnesses and, above all, eating disorders. Eating is thus perceived not as a natural act but as one where food becomes, in a distorted way, an obstacle to good nutrition and happiness.The series further investigates how mental illnesses distort a person’s perception of reality. The series attempts to raise the awareness of viewers about mental illness by having them identify with subjects who experience discomfort created by the distortion of reality. Limited edition 1/15