Rinaldi Eleonora


Eleonora Rinaldi | Arte Laguna PrizeEleonora Rinaldi
Udine, Italy 1994

Cutting the stone

Art selection: Painting

Dimensions: 155 x 175 cm

Year: 2022

Materials: Oil on canvas

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My work explores possibilities of other worlds, where subjects are engaged in silent dialogues, suspended in atmospheres of mystery and magic. In my process, chance plays a fundamental role in the first phase of designing the scene: in fact, for the construction I use photos and printed clippings, which I select and approach very instinctively, trying to distance myself from any reasoning and remaining free from ideas or initial stiffness. I need drawing to crystallize this first structure and it is always monochromatic. The pictorial phase is the richest one: in fact, complex factors such as the chromatic and the narrative ones come into play, which take shape as the atmospheres of the painting emerge. Although they are potentially present from the beginning of the development of the idea, color and narration find their full space only during the pictorial work and they are the elements that structure the scene more deeply, making explicit the needs of the image, its direction and, in the end, its meaning.