Skoromnaya Anna


Anna Skoromnaya | Arte Laguna PrizeAnna Skoromnaya
Minsk, Belarus 1986

Cream Hand Mixer

Art section: Sculpture and Installation

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2017

Materials: Corten steel, painted iron, 4 Full HD monitors, video wall, Bose speakers and audio

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The video installation Cream Hand Mixer, part of the Kindergarten series focusing on lost childhoods, shines a light on the theme of child exploitation in the workplace. Juxtaposing two dimensions – the fun of play and the violation of youth – the artist has created a space that is both play park and workshop, where a slide is a conveyor belt and a swing and cog become confused in a single, contradictory reality. The videos of a tender young girl relentlessly carrying wood and a small, exhausted shoe shiner, produced in vivid, warm hues, seem to glow ember-like against the cold, rusty sculptures.