Simone Lucia


Lucia Simone | Arte Laguna PrizeLucia Simone
Rome, Italy 1986

Bride of the time

Art section: Digital Graphic and Cartoon

Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm

Year: 2021

Technique: Digital photo collage and digital painting on hahnemuhle, Monotype on Hahnemuhle, Fine Art Print

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With my work, through a language that draws from despotic visions, I analyze existential and social concepts. I reflect in particular on the precariousness of human existence and on the impact that civilized man has on nature, understood as mother earth, elaborating enigmatic images. I imagine the possibility of new worlds and by listening to the psychic ones I aim for a greater understanding of reality and its various manifestations. “Bride Of The Time”, is a monotype work born and developed digitally and then printed on hahnemühle paper, with certificate of authenticity and security hologram. The represented subject speaks of the acceptance of the passage of time that takes away the youthful beauty, but is transformed into meditative and contemplative beauty.