Di Renzo Flavio


Flavio Di Renzo | Arte Laguna PrizeFlavio Di Renzo
Milano, Italy 1993

Inseparabili – Giango et Poncho

Art selection: Photography

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

Year: 2021

Technique: Digital Photography

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Bodyscape is an exemplary representation of the characteristics of the human being, within the ambit of an anthropomorphic conception with an allegorical intent. The roots strongly bonded to the earth told through the body of grandmother Lena (the author’s grandmother) which transforms into a landscape and takes on the appearance of a mountain. That place where, with hard work, she fed her family. “Body-scape” is the most recent and last Artwork of the photographic series in augmented reality “PIÙ” (born in 2009 following the loss of the house due to the earthquake in L’Aquila which involved Abruzzo). When nature shows us all its power and we feel helpless and vulnerable. When the earth landslides under our feet, events overwhelm us. In all those situations in which we have to face events that go beyond our will, where they are needed: more courage, more values, more strength, it is time to recover one’s roots. “My land, Abruzzo, my roots told through the body of my grandmother Lena which is transformed into a landscape. Idyllic panoramas shaken by earthquakes that mark lives and territories. More, beyond the emptiness that inhabits us”. Flavio DiRenzo Grandma Lena’s story unfolds through her memories. Today anyone who listens to her story will be taught to be reborn. Every jolt, crack, wrinkle, pain, are a personification with the landscape, they refer to courage, and to the rediscovery of the values of the past with the aim of passing them on to future generations. Everything changes but what matters remains. The concept of transformation, on the other hand, is investigated in the video work hidden within the physical work that can be revealed through augmented reality through the app developed by the author “SlashFolderAR”. Just frame the physical work or image with this particular camera to see it come alive. The author’s mother is intent on making her “cocoon” that will allow her to transform into a later stage of life while preserving her essence and assuming a new form, a moment of transition, an evolutionary step. The last stage of life that is embodied by the old woman who is reflected below in the shot. That body, which one day will no longer exist, will live only reflected in the memories of those who remain.