Chen Ohau


Ohau Chen | Arte Laguna PrizeOhau Chen
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1989

Back To Glory: Make__Great Again

Art selection: Sculpture and installations

Dimensions: 220 x 300 x 130 cm

Year: 2021

Materials: Plastic, iron, screen

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In Back to Glory: Make Great Again, Ohau uses video installation to propose a hypothetical future through promotional materials that spread political views and strategies commonly seen on the streets. What are our responses to an aging society? As labor’s ability carves out the time frame of human “usefulness,” how do we use leftover delivery in a more “efficient” manner? Faced with extending labor hours and the depletion of labor insurance pension, Chen presents his imagination of militarizing the senior population as a solution, fighting against the vision of “becoming great again” through dystopian thinking. The concept is spread through a moving poster, and the contents of the video seem absurd but are, in fact, logical. The work invites viewers to vote on the concept while receiving the information.