Lu Fangying


Xinghao Liang | Arte Laguna PrizeFangying Lu
Hefei, China 1998

An eternal stone from bygone times

Art selection: Painting

Dimensions: 120 x 60 cm

Year: 2022

Materials: Oil on canvas

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An eternal stone from bygone times is motivated by the boredom of day-to-day self-care and the fear of the unknown future, immortality seems to be an exit from all those spiritual shackles. In the whimsy of “what if I have an immortal body”, I mimic an immortal being and observe the fleetingness of everything around me from this perspective. How would I see the world differently if everything was not going to disappear, but was just a constant, long passing? How would I interact with these organic beings that are small compared to immortality? Does the past which belonged to me still belong to me in the infinity? What is the matter between a memory from what really happened and a nonsensical fantasy? Answers that belong to those questions are condensed in a meaningless fog into a crystal of various forms, floating in an indistinct void; and the mimetic symbol of me, the subject, is transformed into a stone-like being, wandering freely in an infinite space-time, without clarity of purpose or any need for direction.