Cultural experiences in Venetian Villas, Historic Houses, Castles and Palaces.


MoCA has been organizing, since 2006, “Arte Laguna Prize”, the Contemporary Art competition open to works from all over the world, which are selected by an international jury of experts, for the exhibition at the Arsenale Nord in Venice. Arte Laguna Prize also offers artists a network of additional opportunities, cash prizes, online visibility, art residencies, solo or group exhibitions in prestigious locations.

A group of owners of Venetian Villas, Castles, Palaces and Historic Houses will host some of the works of Arte Laguna Prize. Some locations will also offer an art residency as part of the 16th edition.

They are Renaissance villas, frescoed by artists such as Tiepolo, located from the Dolomites to the coast. They were the residences of Venetian nobles who love art, placed in particular historical, architectural and environmental contexts.

The artists selected by the owners of the individual locations agree with the organization of Arte Laguna Prize to loan their works for the set-up and display to the public, with relative promotion and dissemination.

Castello di Thiene | Thiene, Italy

The castle of Thiene (VI) is a monumental complex situated in the heart of the city of Thiene in Veneto which is known for the quality and quantity of historical, architectural, artistic and landscape elements that are preserved there. Each of these monuments deserves great attention, but it is their combination that makes this complex…

Villa San Liberale | Feltre, Italy

Near the most extraordinary alpine town, Feltre, where the splendor of the Serenissima, Venice, joins the legends of the Pale Mountains, the Dolomites, the avenue of Cart, a collective work in which Nature and people have given shape, and life, to the most dense representation of the Civilization of the Venetian Villa. Villa San Liberale,…

Villa Montruglio | Mossano, Italy

Villa di Montruglio (Pigafetta - Camerini) rises on the south-eastern slopes of the Berici Mountains which  is a territory rich in history, art and culture, scattered with ancient architectural artefacts. The Villa, built in the last part of the seventeenth century, is attributed to Francesco Antonio Muttoni, whose style is recognized in the particular tympanum…

Villa Valmarana Ai Nani | Vicenza, Italy

Villa Valmarana ai Nani is a historic residence, counted among the happiest examples of decoration of the Venetian Villas, the country homes of the nobles of the Serenissima: holiday resorts but also the fulcrum of the economic system of the Venetian Republic. The historical and social value of Villa Valmarana is crowned by an inestimable…