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Galeria Fernando Santos | Porto, Portugal

Galeria Fernando Santos


Personal exhibition
for 1 artist at the Gallery in Porto, including:

- set-up
- grant of € 500
- realization of a dedicated digital catalogue

Porto, Portugal

Since its foundation, in 1993, Galeria Fernando Santos has had a fourfold aim:
- To disseminate and support projects of emerging portuguese artists
- To further the knowledge of some international artists
- To offer to institutions and to a group of prestigious art collectors, the possibility to remain in close contact with names of reference both in national and in international art market
- Too keep up with an exhibition line capable of attending the production of some of the most significative portuguese artists of the last four decades.

Therefore, the gallery strategy, that alternately keeps on through exhibiting in these four sources, has been to organize and co-organize significant exhibitions of these artists, to present their works in museums and prestigious institutional spaces, as well as, attend the most important national and international art fairs.
The continued effort of being trustworthy both by art collectors and artists has as a consequence the multiplication of expositive spaces, as well as the significant enlargement, both national and international, of the artists that it represents. By the hand of Galeria Fernando Santos, some of the most well-known artists like Julian Schnabel or Georg Baselitz had their debut in Portugal. And by that same hand young and emergent talents (national and international ones) had an opportunity to show their work in a privileged space.
The gallery's aim is also to be an active voice in the portuguese art scene, since this is growing, especially in Oporto, the city where the gallery it's situated and where inspired other galleries to form the “Quarteirão das Artes”, a kind of Art District.


Alex DoriciAlex Dorici
(Lugano, Switzerland)

Winner at 12th edition
Exhibition period:
4th May - 29th June 2019

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Catalogue >
Sanja MilenkovicSanja Milenkovic
(Niš, Serbia)

Winner at 11th edition
Exhibition period:
10th March - 14th April 2018

Exhibition Info >
Catalogue >
Alicia EggertAlicia Eggert
(New Jersey, United States)

Winner at 10th edition
Exhibition period:
17th June - 16th September 2017

Exhibition Info >
Catalogue >
Cristian VillavicencioCristian Villavicencio
(Quito, Ecuador)

Winner at 9th edition
Exhibition period:
18th June - 17th September 2016

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