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Finalist Exhibition

4th - 19th October 2008 - Sculpure Section
Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche: Spazi Bomben per la Cultura, Treviso

Exhibition of the 30 finalist artists' artworks of sculpture and installation section. The head of the jury will award the overall winner, the best foreign artist and the winners of the special prizes Galleria 3° Millennio, Galleria Bianconi and Galleria Polin.

18th October - 2nd November, 2008 - Painting Section
Brolo Art and Cultural Center, Mogliano Veneto (Treviso)

The Brolo Art and Cultural Center, landmark of Mogliano Veneto, welcomes the 30 finalist artworks of the painting section.

22nd October - 2nd November, 2008 - Photographic Art Section
Gallery of the Romanian Institute, Venice

The historical Gallery hosts the artworks of the 18 artists mentioned by the Curator and the Galleries that, with their prizes, gave a great contribution to the 3rd edition of the Prize.

23rd November - 14th December 2008 - Photographic Art Section
Biennale Gardens, Venice

The impressive Art Galley “InParadiso” at the Biennale Garden, hosts the artworks of the 30 finalist artists of photographic art section.


Section Painting: Eudier Alexandre (France); Manuel Baldini (Italy); Alberto Barazzutti (Italy); Marta Bettega (Italy); Luca Bidoli (Italy); Stefano Bolcato (Italy); ; Oscar Colombo (Italy); Davide Comandè (Italy); Nebojša Despotović (Serbia); Giuseppe Donnaloia (Germany); Fidia Falaschetti (Italy); Damiano Fasso (Italy); Pierluigi Febbraio (Italy); Leslie Jenkins (UK); Benny Katz (Brazil); James H. King (USA); Ilaria Margutti (Italy); Ito Masaki (Japan); Marco Marini (Italy); Alessandro Mazzoni (Italy); Constantin Migliorini (Italy); Michela Pedron (Italy); Carmelo Nicotra (Italy); Diego Pomarico (Italy); Iacopo Raugei (Italy); Vanco Rebac (Croatia); Peter Senoner (Italy); Thomas Riess (Austria); Angelo Volpe (Italy); Cristina Stifanic (Italy).

Section Photographic Art: Paolo Angelosanto (France); ; Emanuela Ascari (Italy); Alessandra Baldoni (Italy); Frantisek Blazo (Ex-Czechoslovakia); Jennifer Braun (Germany); Martina Calvo (Italy); Alessio Carosi (Italy); Cristian Castelnuovo (Italy); Maura Compagnoni (Italy); Martina Della Valle (Italy); Claudia Fainguersch (Argentina); FeltusFeltusKrauseBliemel (FFKB) (Germany, UK, USA); Davide Franceschini (Italy); FRP2 – Filippo Piantanida – Roberto Prosdocimo (Italy); Virginia Garfunkel (Argentina); Resi Girardello (Italy); Gian Luca Groppi (Italy); Evi Lemberger (Germany); Sara Magni (Italy); Mauro Martin (Italy); Sissa (Silvia) Micheli (Italy, n.d.); Alexa Miller (USA); Benedikt Partenheimer (Germany); Alessandro Pianca (Italy); Manuela Radice (Italy); Stefania Romano (Italy); Michael Sardelic (Austria); Julia Schstag (Russia); Clement Vailhe (France); Corinne Vionnet (Switzerland).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Annalù (Annaluigia Boeretto) (Italy); Martin-Emilian Balint (Romania); Kristina Bastian (Italy); Paolo Buzzi (Italy); Arianna Carossa (Italy); Paolo Cavinato (Italy); Marco Destefani (Italy); Diego Dutto (Italy); Ivana Falconi (Switzerland); Irina Gabiani (Georgia); Joan Priego Garcia (Spain); Federica Gonnelli (Italy); Peter Jansen (Netherland); Ivan Lardscheiner (Italy); Patricia Lincke (Germany); Flavio Lucchini (Italy);Mirco Marcacci (Italy); Nero (Alessandro Neretti) (Italy); Charlotte Nordin (Italy); Serena Piccinini (Italy); Pablo Rodriguez (Spain); John Runner (USA); Osnat Scheps (Israel); Ingrid Siliakus (Netherland); Barbara Taboni (Italy); Cristina Treppo (Italy); Giuseppe Vigolo (Italy); Sena Yoon (BE); Dania Zanotto (Italy); Stefano Zaratin (Italy).


4th October - 14th December 2008

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