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Second Selection Results

The international jury met and selected the finalist artists who will exhibit their works at the Arsenale of Venice from 19th March to 3rd April 2016.

Photographic Art - final results
Land Art - final results
Video Art - final results
Virtual and Digital Art - final results
Sculpture and Installation - final results
Performance - final results
Painting - final results

Photographic Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Ahrens Victoria (GB) - Paranà Blues
Aksinia Sorokina (RU) - Headpiece series
Akutain Ziarrusta Ainhoa (ES) - Deseret Haretatik
Alibrio Salvo (IT) - Winter car
Alsaadi Rami (NG) - Life can be tough. but always remember, so are you!!
Andracco Davide (IT) - Full Moon
Ansett Richard (GB) - Mother & Daughter, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
Arnold Matthew (US) - Infantry position, Bir Hachin Battlefield, Libya
Day Robyn (US) - Simone | Laurel | Marilyn
De Bruycker Alex (BE) - Tide sharing
Derbyshire Julie (GB) - Fragile Alchemy I
De Rosa Valentina (IT) - Mono no aware
Enrich Tarrés Victor (ES) - Medusa
Ghorbanzadeh Samad (IR) - Parallel anxiety
Goldstein Dina (CA) - Last Supper, East Vancouver
Ha JinRan (DE) - Untitled
Hablesreiter Martin (AT) - Table Manners
Havens Teri (US) - Malta, Montana, 2014
Lois Hechenblaikner (AT) - Aprés Ski (II)
Knish Yulia (IT) - Дефицит 2, Defitsit 2 (Deficit), 2013
Koegler Sébastien FR) - Jokkmokk
Jabbari Gilda (AE)(AT) - Silence 01
Medeiros Heloisa (BR) - Memórias frágeis de mim mesma
Mroczek Andrew (US) - Jenny and Nuria, from the series: Virgenes de la Puerta
Patel Lior (IL) - Harajuku girl
Pinto Anabela (CN) - Untitled
Poiaghi Luigi (IT) - OMBRE
Pompei Francesca (IT) - Untitled
Schäfer Thomas Friedrich (DE) - Experiential Space #2
Staff Nina (NO) - The Hippo in the living room

Land Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Andersen Viel Bjerkeset (NO) - Behind the Breath
Ciotti Angelo (US) - Wingfield Pines Project
Corazza Filippo (IT) - Enlightened open mind
Cordero Tovar Roman Jesùs (MX) - STONE ECHO
Eeraerts Elise (BE) – Mantsala
Gàlvez Pérez M.Auxiliadora (ES) - Aquaculture regenerative machine: a choreography for tides,moon and organisms
Hill Martin (NZ) – Synergy
Mc Kay Michael (US) - Soundings
Silva Corvetto Mario (PE) - El Otro Amaru
Woolf Pip (GB) - Woollenline

Video Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Anikina Alexandra (GB) - Some Entropy In Your Tea
Brodbeck Simon and De Barbuat Lucie (FR) - In search of Eternity
Delmas Alix (FR) - Dust
Djamo Daniel Nicolae (RO) - Birds
Goldman Jonathan (IL) – The West Border
Horton Louis and Stephens Jack (GB) - Gill & Gill
Huseynov Orkhan (AZ) – Atelier Sovetski
Lin Xin (FR) - The Emperor’s Promise
Lippstock Torsten (DE) - SOLARLIOD
Mendez Rebeca (US) - CircumSolar, Migration 3, Edition 5 of 5

Virtual and Digital Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Boleslavsky Andrej (CZ) - Google Eye
Caliendo Ilario (IT) - Just five seconds
Kobayashi Hill (JP) - Tele Echo Tube
Maigret Nicolas (FR) - The pirate cinema
Pestelli Clemente (IT) - A quiet desert Failure/A monumental 50 years long algorithmic performance about internet and nothing

Sculpture and Installation
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Agrimi Dario (IT) - Non dice chi è
Alaluf Victor (DE) - Tied Hands
Aloisi Gioia & Gorini Monica (IT) - White Books
Andrieu Jules (DE) - Tensions Primaires, (Ge)Dichte II
Angelantoni Geiger Isabella (IT) - Zenobia
Anzai Tsuyoshi (US) - Sweet Dreams
Applegarth Ben (GB) - Course Correction (Valedico)
Barbagallo Simona (IT) - Un sogno ipertrofico
Bauer Christine - Egger Herbert (AT) - Earthplace - global home
Becker Genèvre (AU) - Freedom
Bellugi Barbara (IT) - Stratificazioni #1
Berg Hans-Christian (FI) - Color Pillar – OGOB line pattern C2
Biedermann Friedrich (AT) - Weightless
Bogdanou Olga (GR) - Freedom
Coppola Rocio (AR) - Vacio Azul
Cordero Marco (IT) - Aria
Ferrero Andrea (PE) - Espacios despellejados (Skinned Spaces)
Lapicoré Alain and Lawicka Cuper Aleksandra (FR) - Sans titre
Manazza Silvia (IT) - Italia, inizio XXI secolo, raro troumont in stile post-consumismo e vasellame
Nash Ben Jack (FR) - Shedded
Nemeth Kristian (SK) - Fragile
Pann Charlotte (AT) - In the Wood
Rasulov Farid (AZ) - Europallet
Recycle group (FR) - The letter F
Shwan Dler Qaradaki (NO) - Be Patient
Stüssi Thomas (SZ) - El Directorio
Tahir Tina (US) - The Impossible Alignment of Two Fragments in Close Approximation
Weinstein Daphna (AT) - AHAMMM, a Choir of Breathing Jars
Yang Joo-Hee (KR) - Untitled
Zulueta Merce (ES) - La balsa del naùfrago-The shipwrecked raft

Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Pavlov-Andreevich Fyodor (BR) - O BATATODROMO
Steckel Curt (US) - For You, Not For You
Tresset Patrick (GB) - Human Study, 5RNP
Wolter Ian (GB) - The Holy See Gets It

Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Ahmed Miraj (GB) - On (triptych)
Alain James Martin (CA) - Walking in Surrey
Alisauskaite Kristina (LT) - A lot
Amitai-lavi Tal (IL) - Forest
Aprile Federico (IT) - Astri e terra
Baśnik Paweł (PL) - Queen Victoria
Bonamin Hugo (SZ) - Sauvagesse née avant le monde
Cheng Dominique (CA) - 1331 (Series)
Dashevskiy Alexander (RU) - Electrosila
De Stefano Maria Marilena (IT) - …in via Immacolata
Dzendrowskyj Annamarie (GB) - Haunted - Poland I, II / Twilight - Thames Ditton III, IV
Eelen Dirk (BE) - Random memories
Escutia Piñana Patricia (ES) - Page 81-82
Esionov Andrey (RU) - Again Eva
Franzky Renata (DE) - First Communion 1953
Hung Tien-Yu (TW) - The Silent Mount Banping
JeanF Jans (BE) - Canto della terra (Tryptic)
Lin Chih-Ying (TW) - My favorite park (Hampstead heath)
Maczynski Daniel (PL) - The horesman of apocalypse
Mascarin Rolando (IT) - Segnale
Mina Anastasia (GB) - Untitled
Motta Giovanni (IT) - The sun, after seventy-four seconds
Nickel Lisa (CA) - Bayit II
Ochoa Juan Eugenio (IT) - 01-Iconica-Analitica (serie)
Piana Gavino (IT) - Ala nord
Storch Susanna (DE) - Facciata VII / Facade VII
Tomaszewska Katarzyna (PL) - Sudden impact
Totibadze Anton (RU) - Woodman Sergey's Failed Dating
Valkola Marja-Leena (FI) - Darning Place
Wang Hao Zhun (TW) - Assemble # 1