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Terms & Conditions

Art. 1 | Goals
The 7th International Arte Laguna Prize, with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Venice, Cà Foscari University of Venice among others, aims at promoting and enhancing Contemporary Art. The total amount of the Prize is 170,000 Euros. The contest features the awarding of cash prizes, an important exhibition at Venice Arsenale, exhibitions in Italian and international Art Galleries, Art Residencies and the publication of the Catalogue. 
Art. 2 | Techniques
The Prize is open to all Artists without any limit of age, sex, nationality or other qualifications. Each artist can participate with one or more artworks, in one or more sections. 
oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, etc. on whatever support.
Maximum size: 175 cm per side. 
Sculpture and Installation:
works created with any material. Sounds, lights, videos, mechanical or electrical movements can be used in the works. It is possible to present the works as a digital photographic project. 
Maximum size: 4x4x8 (height) mt, no weight limits.
Photographic Art:
analog or digital photos, digital elaborations, works created on the computer. 
Maximum size: 175 cm per side.
Video Art and Animation:
videos, films and works made with all the animation techniques on any support. 
Maximum running time: 15 minutes.
any technique, expressive form and support materials can be used. 
Maximum duration: 10 minutes.
Virtual Art - iFope: 
artworks entirely created using one or more of the following techniques: computer, smartphone or tablet applications, graphics and 3D animation, virtual installations, net art.
Art. 3 | Judging Panel
Prize Curator:
Igor Zanti, Italy 
(Art Critic)
Umberto Angelini, Italy 
(Director Festival Uovo)
Gabriella Belli, Italy 
(Director Musei Civici of Venice)
Adam Budak, United States 
(Curator for Contemporary Art at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden of Washington)
Cecilia Freschini, China 
(Director Lab-Yit)
Mario Gerosa, Italy 
(Editor-in-chief of AD, Digital Art Curator)
Lina Lazaar, Great Britain
(Expert on International Contemporary Art for Sotheby's)
Kanchi Mehta, India 
(Founder and Chief Curator of Chameleon Art Projects and India Editor for Flash Art)
Sabine Schaschl, Switzerland 
(Director and Curator of Kunsthaus Baselland of Basel)
Felix Schöber, Germany
(Independent Curator)
Claudia Zanfi, Italy 
(Art Historian and Cultural Manager)
Art. 4 | Prizes
Painting:  € 7,000*
Sculpture:  € 7,000*
Photographic Art:  € 7,000*
Video Art and Performance:  € 7,000*
Virtual Art -iFOPE:  € 7,000*
* The awarded artworks will remain the property of the artists. 
Tax deduction on cash prizes by law.
Artist in Residence
Basel: iaab
Chicago/Mumbai: Technymon ARTresidency
Venice: Glass School Abate Zanetti
Ptuj: Art Stays

New Prize: Art Residency in Beijing for 1 month + final exhibition
The residency includes: accommodation, studio, assistance, € 200 grant, final exhibition. At the end of the application period, you will be asked to send a project proposal that will be evaluated in order to choose the winner. The residency is organized in collaboration with Lab-Yit, The Italian Contemporary Art Platform in China.
Special Prizes Personal Exhibitions in international galleries:
Akneos Gallery, Naples
Amy-d Arte Spazio, Milan
Cell63, Berlin
Dafna Home Gallery, Naples
De Faveri Arte + Lab 610 XL, Feltre and Sovramonte
Dina Lowenstein, Miami
Galleria A+A, Venice
Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, Milan
Galleria d’Arte L’Occhio, Venice
Galleria Federica Ghizzoni, Milan
Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano
Galleria PrimoPiano, Naples
Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, Venice
Largo Baracche, Naples
Leo Galleries, Monza and Lugano
Maelstrom Art Gallery, Milan
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome
Silbernagl&Undergallery, Milan and Varese
Spazio Surreale, San Paolo Brasil
Yvonneartecontemporanea, Vicenza
Zaion Gallery, Biella
Business for Art
“FOPE gioielli” development of an art project with the winning artist of the virtual art section.
Special Prizes Collective Exhibitions
Open, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice
Romanian Cultural Institute, Venice
Art.5 | Application fee
For the partial support of the organization expenses €50 - 1 work, €90 - 2 works in the same section (every additional work €45). For Under25 artists €45 and €80 respectively (every additional work €40). Application fees are not refundable.
Art.6 | Terms of participation
October 23, 2012: Application deadline for Artists who want to compete for the Special Prizes
“Artist in Residence” 
November 8, 2012: Application deadline
Terms of application:
1. On-line: on the website upon payment of the application fee.
2. By sending or handing in at the Head Office: application form, biographical note, a photography of each work writing on the back: artist's personal data, title of the work, size, technique, year.
This material will not be returned.
Payment of the application fee:
Addressed to: Associazione Culturale MoCA
Reason: Prize 12.13
1. Postal Paying-in Slip: c/c 80409584
    IBAN: IT64Z0504061800000000866402
3. Credit Card: PAY PAL on
4. At the Head Office of the Prize
Art.7 | Selection Process and Collective Exhibitions
The Judging Panel will select 200 artworks. The selected artists will have to send a detailed dossier for the final selection of 110 artworks that will be exhibited in March 2013 at Venice Arsenale and of other artworks which will be on display at the Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Research Institute of Venice.
Art.8 | Responsabilities
Insurance, shipping charges and restitution are charged to the Artist.