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Finalist Exhibition


16th March, 2013 – 6 p.m., Inauguration
17th - 31st March 2013

Main Exhibition
Tese San Cristoforo Arsenale, Venice

The main exhibition exposed the artworks of 105 artists coming from all over the world. The artworks were divided into different section: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and performance.

Virtual and Digital Art Exhibition
Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice

The 5 digital artist's artworks were shown in an exhibition dedicated to the expression of art through new technologies. The artworks were hosted in an historical venue, just a few steps away from Rialto Bridge.

Under 25 Exhibition
Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice

It was a special selection of young artists. Under25 artists exhibited their artworks at the Romanian Institute of Venice, that is located in a strategic position where hundreds of visitors pass every day in their way to San Marco Square.


Section Painting: Karolina Albricht (Poland), Rodrigo Alonso Cuesta (Spain), Eloise Amadei (Italy), Jaspal Birdi (Canada), Laura Bisotti (Italy), Dmitry Bodyanskiy (Russia), Bottazzo Artwork (Italy), Sandra Burek (Poland), Patricia Cain (United Kingdom), Alessandro Calabrese(Italy), Silla Calzolari (Italy), Paolo Campa (Switzerland), Carlos Cartama (Spain), Claudio Cerra (Italy), Paul Davies (Australia), Franziska Ewald (Switzerland), Davide Frisoni (Italy), Fernando Garcia Monzon (Spain), Samuel Githui (Kenya), Marcus Jansen (United States), Ivelisse Jimenez (Puerto Rico), Liu Jiutong (China), Gyunghee Joh (South Korea), Karolina M. Kowalska (Poland), Anastasia Kurakina (Russia), Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo (Poland), Gihee H. Lee (South Korea),Vincenzo Russo (Italy), Tina Sgrò (Italy), Huang Yi-Sheng (Taiwan).

Section Photographic Art: Riccardo Ajossa (Italy), Richard Ansett (United Kingdom), Christophe Audebert (France), Dario Camilotto (Italy), Ghizlène Chajaï (France), Marco Frauchiger (Switzerland), John K. Goodman (United States), Christian Höhn (Germany), Oan Kim (France), Shinwook Kim (South Korea), Andrea Kuritko (Germany), Kati Liebert (Russia), Frank Machalowski (Germany), Charles March (United Kingdom), Nicola Mazzuia (Italy), Kazz Morishita (Japan), Tatewaki Nio (Japan), Rori Palazzo (Italy), Linda Pottage (Australia), Ewa Pszczulny (Poland), Wendy Sacks (United States), Miguel Soler-Roig (Spain), Laetitia Soulier (France), Emma Jane Spain & Jake Green (United Kingdom), Valentina Valdinoci (Italy), Maco Vargas (Peru), Alessandro Vianello (Italy), Li Xinzhao (China), Armand Yerly (Switzerland), Joe Zander (Germany).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Cornelia Bast (Germany), Caspar Berger (The Nederlands), David Berweger (Switzerland), Michela Bortolozzi (Italy), José Carlos Casado (Spain), Sonya Clark (United States), Hagar Fletcher (Israel), Wendy W Fok (Hong Kong), Sasha Frolova (Russia), Guillermontalbano (Argentina), Mildred Howard (United States), Choi Jaeyong (South Korea), June (France), Clemencia Labin (Venezuela), Olga Lah (United States), Jae Won Lee (South Korea), Olena Levytska (Ukraine), Meir Lobaton Corona (Mexico), Marilyn Lowey (United States), Penka Mincheva (Bulgaria), Marco Mondani (Italy), Hilario Ortega Castillo (Mexico), Liliane Puthod (France), Dina Shenhav (Israel), Charlotte Squire (United Kingdom), Carlo Strano (Italy), Jill Townsley (United Kingdom), Maria Wasilewska (Poland), work#art (The Netherlands), Constantine K. Zlatev (Bulgaria).

Section Performance: Nobuyoshi Asai (Japan), Tiziana Contino (Italy), Jakov Labrović (Croatia), Carlos Martiel (Cuba), Andreas Pashias (Cyprus).

Section Video Art: Fazila Amiri (Iran), Shirin Divanbeigi (Iran), Elisabetta Falanga (Italy), Roberto Greco (Switzerland), Shahar Marcus (Israel), Thiago Parizi (Brazil), Sai Hua Kuan (Republic of Singapore), Wenhua Shi (China), Shubha Taparia (India), Kai Lin Tan (Republic of Singapore).

Section Virtual and Digital Art: Amitesh Grover (India), Chris Joseph (United Kingdom), Louise (France), Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss (Germany), Nirit Zer (Israel).

Special Selection Under 25: Pablo Andino (Ecuador), Nadia Sofia Bteibet (Italy), Zoe Chressanthis (United States), Radan Cicen (Turkey), Danny Cohen (Australia), Julie De Waroquier (France), Piergiorgio Del Ben (Italy), Khairulddin Fulgvres (Republic of Singapore), Egor Gavrilin (Russia),Tiara Ghandour (Lebanon), Nicola Guastamacchia (Italy), Anna Kostka (Poland), Valeria Talamonti (Italy), Hajime Yamada (Japan), Ilia Yefimovich (Russia).

16th - 31st March 2013