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Jury of the 6th International Art Prize Arte Laguna


Igor Zanti
Curator and art critic

Igor Efrem Zanti  was born in 1973 in Milan. He is graduated in modern literature at the University of Milan with a thesis on the Medieval and Modern Art History.
For several years he carries out different activities as a critic and curator of art contemporary and applied arts exhibitions. He conceived in 2006, with Arte Laguna of Mogliano Veneto (Treviso), the "Arte Laguna Prize", he was the curator for painting and photography sections during the 2006 and 2007 editions, the president of the Jury for the sulpure section during the 2008 and 2009 editions. In 2008 he was the artistic director of the Brolo Museum - Art and Culture Centre in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso). In the early 2008, he conceived the project “New Art, New Pop” for defining and promoting the New Pop movement in Italy. Since 2009 has been the artistic consultant for the Art Club International  of Lugano and he has been taught visual communication at the IED in Milan. He collaborates with the FAI of Lecco for the organization and the presentation of the annual film festival dedicated to the relationship between art and cinema. He writes for the Espoarte magazine and the Lobodilattice websites in a special area called "Il raglio del Mulo"


Alessio Antoniolli  
Alessio Antoniolli
England, Director Gasworks of London
Chiara Barbieri
Italy, Publications Director Collection Peggy Guggenheim Venice
Gabriella Belli
Italy, Director MART Rovereto
Ilaria Bonacossa  
Ilaria Bonacossa
Italy, Freelance Curator
Bartomeu Marì  
Soledad Gutierrez
Spain, Curator MACBA Barcellona
Kanchi Mehta
India, Curator Indian Pavillion Prague Biennale
Ludovico Pratesi
Director Centro Arti Visive Pescheria of Pesaro
Maria Savarese  
Maria Savarese
Italy, Freelance Curator and art historian
Ralf Schmitt  
Ralf Schmitt
Germany, Director Preview Berlin
Alma Zevi   Alma Zevi
Switzerland, Art Critic