Jury of the 5th International Art Prize Arte Laguna


Igor Zanti
Curator and art critic

Igor Efrem Zanti  was born in 1973 in Milan. He is graduated in modern literature at the University of Milan with a thesis on the Medieval and Modern Art History.
For several years he carries out different activities as a critic and curator of art contemporary and applied arts exhibitions. Since the 2005 he has been the curator of the Barbara Mahler Galley for the Pura (Lugano, Switzerland) and UBS (Lugano, Switzerland) venues. In 2006 he became the artistic adviser for the cultural association Undergallery of Daverio (Varese). He conceived in 2006, with Arte Laguna of Mogliano Veneto (Treviso), the "Arte Laguna Prize", he was the curator for painting and photography sections during the 2006 and 2007 editions, the president of the Jury for the sulpure section during the 2008 and 2009 editions. From 2007, he represents also the artistic consultant and curator for special projects of the Wannabee Gallery in Milan. In 2008 he was the artistic director of the Brolo Museum - Art and Culture Centre in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso). In addiciton he was the curator of the Zaion Gallery of Biella for the 2008/2009 season. In the early 2008, he conceived the project “New Art, New Pop” for defining and promoting the New Pop movement in Italy.
Since 2009 has been the artistic consultant for the Art Club International  of Lugano and he has been taught visual communication at the IED in Milan.
He collaborates with the FAI of Lecco for the organization and the presentation of the annual film festival dedicated to the relationship between art and cinema.
He writes for the Espoarte magazine and the Lobodilattice websites in a special area called "Il raglio del Mulo"


Chiara Barbieri
Publications Director, Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Over the past fifteen years she has followed the drafting of the most part of catalogs and books published from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice: a complex job that gives her the opportunuty to collaborate with many publishing houses specializing in art and with numerous Italian and foreign curators who organized exhibitions in the museum.
As part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, in the last ten years she is following the management of the U.S. pavilion at the Venice Biennale, both for the art of architecture Biennale.
She did many collaborations especially in the publishing sector.
Rossella Bertolazzi
Director of School of Visual Arts at the European Institute of Design

She has always worked - often in positions of leadership - in education field and in the media system and as a freelance she curated, making of videos, reports for specialized television, exhibitions and image for companies. Editor and editorial consultant, she has collaborated with publishers as Franco Angeli, Mursia, Mondadori, Garzanti, Rusconi, Feltrinelli.

Monika Burian
Director of the International Contemporary Art Festival Tina B in Prague

Art critic and curator, she helds various positions at a national and international level collaborating with many artists, curators, critics and public and private institutions. She is specialized in czech contemporary art scene. She organizes and cares the Prague Contemporary Art Festival - TINA B, following the latest artistic trends on the international scene.


Gianfranco Maraniello
Director MAMbo Museum in Bologna

Since 2005 he has been the Director of the Modern Art Gallery of
Bologna Institution which includes also the Morandi Museum, Villa delle Rose and MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. In 2006 he was co-curator of the Shanghai Biennale. He has curated numerous exhibitions of contemporary art, he was curator of MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (2002-2005), and the Palazzo delle Papesse - Contemporary Art Center in Siena (2000-2001). From 2001 to 2005 he taught Aesthetics of New Media at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and held master courses for curators at the Brera Academy and at the University La Sapienza of Rome. He wrote regularly for several magazines, including Flash Art (1993-2001) and BT - Japan (2000-2003), and he was art critic for the newspaper Il Riformista (2003-2005). He has written numerous articles for books and catalogues and he is author of several monographs of artists as well as the curator of the Art in Europe 1990-2000 volume (Skira 2003).

Luca Panaro
Art critic

Art critic, curator and lecturer at the Brera Accademy of Fine Arts in Milan. Interested in photography, video and new media, he writes regularly on Around Photography International, ArtKey, Flash Art and he is also author of essays: "L'occultamento dell'autore: la ricerca di Franco Vaccari" (Apm, 2007) and "Realtà e finizione nell'arte contemporanea" (in XXI secolo, Gli spazi e le arti, Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, Roma 2010, pp. 633-39). He hold some conferences at prestigious institutions including the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne (CH) and FORMA, International Center of Photography in Milan. He edited the Rereading The Image section of the Prague Biennale (2009) and many other personal and group exhibitions. He  was born  in 1975 in Florence, today  he lives near to Modena.


Ludovico Pratesi
Director Visual Arts Center Pescheria in Pesaro

Art critic and curator, since 1985 has been collaborating with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. He has curated international exhibitions such as "Multiple Culture" (Rome, 1992), "Il Suono Rapido delle Cose" (Venice Biennale, 1993), " Città Natura" (Rome, 1997),"Giganti" (Rome, Fori Imperiali, 2001), “Tutto Normale" ( Rome, Academy of France, 2002), "Verso il Futuro" (Rome, Museo del Corso, 2002) and " Incontri: sette artisti contemporanei dialogano con i maestri del passato" (Rome, Galleria Borghese, 2002-2003). Since 2001 he has been the artistic director of the Visual Arts Center Pescheria of Pesaro. Since 2006 he is been board member at the Ente Quadriennale d'Arte in Rome and since 1995 he is been the President of the Italian section of the International Association of Art Critics. Since 2004 he has been the artistic director of Guastalla Foundation.

Maja Skerbot
Art critic

Independent curator and art critic specializing in contemporary art, she lives and works between Slovenia, her hometown, and Berlin. She collaborates with numerous galleries and various projects including Private View - The Platform for Art in Berlin and, more recently, with the multimedia center Kibla of Maribor in Slovenia. She has curated numerous personal and collective exhibitions in an international level. She is the author of numerous essays and articles on general and art press. Since 2005 she has been a member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) and of the Slovenian Association of Art Critics.

Valentina Tanni
Critic and co-founder of Exibart

Art critic, journalist and editor, focuses on the relationship between art - new technologies and multimedia publishing. One of the founders of Exibart and Exibart.onpaper, in 2000 he founded ExiWebArt first book dedicated to the Italian net art and in 2001 of Random Magazine, a daily news about new media art. She worked as a consultant for Monti & Taft, a cultural marketing and design company and as the Web Director for the Group Editorial FMR. She has curated several exhibitions and she is working with the festival of digital arts Interferenze e Peam. She has written articles and insights for various specialist publications and worked as a lecturer for public and private institutions (La Sapienza University of Rome, University of Udine, FDI, Luxury Academy, Academy of Arts and New Technologies).

Matteo Zauli
Director Zauli Museum of Faenza

He joined with his father into the management of the sculpture studio and since 1996 he has organized cultural events. In 2000 he has graduated in the Cultural Management Course at  Fitzcarraldo Foundation in Turin. In 2002, after the death of his father, he changed the studio and created the Carlo Zauli Museum, a cultural center within selected works and open to new experiences into the contemporary. He realizes touring exhibitions of Zauli in Japan, Italy and the USA. Through its projects he collaborates with prestigious artists as Garutti, Marisaldi, Mercier, Peinado, Xhafa, Trevisani. He is currently a scientific collaborator of the Municipal Art Gallery of Faenza. Since 2003 he has hold university and post university lectures about the cultural management and his museum experience.

Kristian Jarmuschek
Curator and art historian 

Art historian Kristian Jarmuschek, born in 1972 in Erfurt (Germany), is the curator of the contemporary art gallery Jarmuschek + Partner and also the co-founder of Preview Berlin - The Emerging Art Fair. He displays an unerring ability to identify incisive trends, setting out a comprehensive program that covers all genres. Behind the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin he initiated the well renown gallery project Halle am Wasser, which after its foundation in 2008 developed rapidly as the new esteemed major area for contemporary art galleries in the town. As a curator he participated on several international art fairs as Volta Basel, Volta New York, Next Chicago, SWAB Barcelona, Year 06-07 London and, of course, Preview Berlin - The Emerging Art Fair. Additionally Jarmuschek is also active as the tutor in the fields of management in the art market at several universities (FU Berlin, Hildesheim, Oldenburg, Bremen).  Since 2007 he is a member of Creative Industries, a division of the Chamber Of Industry and Commerce (Berlin), and member of the Advisory Council in the Committee of the Creative Industries (2010, Berlin). In an honorary capacity he is auctioneer at Rotary Club-International (Munich) and Round Table 5 (Berlin) and also a jury member of several photography awards.