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Jury of the 4th International Art Prize


Viviana Siviero (Art Critic and Indipendent Curator)
President of the Jury - painting section

Art critic and independent curator, since 2004 she is  working  as a redactor at Espoarte Magazine.  Presently she’s also collaborating with Drome Magazine. In 1999 she established the didactic section at the Civic Picture Gallery of Savona – Milena Milani’s Museum Foundation to the memory of Carlo Cardazzo, curing the programming until 2007. In 2006 she published an interview in the first official monograph about Regina Josè Galindo (Vanilla Edition). She cooperates with many art galleries and public expositive settings. Her research is pointed to youths and border line tendencies connected to graphic (graphic novel), painting, installation, lowbrow art and photography.

Video Interview >>>

Igor Zanti (Art Critic and Indipendent Curator)
President of the Jury - sculpture section

Igor Efrem Zanti was born in Milan in 1973. He graduated in modern literature at the Milan University, with a thesis on the medieval and modern Art History dedicated to the ‘400 painting in Lombardia. He has worked for several years as art critic and indipendent curator of contemporary and applied arts  expositions. Since 2005 he has been curator of the Galleria Barbara Mahler for the sites in Pura (Lugano, Switzerland) and of UBS in Lugano (Switzerland). In 2006 he became artistic consultant of the cultural association Undergallery of Daverio (Varese) and created the Arte Laguna Prize with the Arte Laguna studio in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso), for which he was curator for the painting and photography editions in 2006 and 2007 and jury president – sculpture section - in 2008 edition. In autumn 2007 he began to work as artistic consultant and curator for Wannabee Gallery’s special projects in Milan. Since 2008 he has been appointed as artistic director of the Museum Brolo in Mogliano Veneto (TV). For the same season 2008/2009 he was appointed as curator of the Zaion Gallery  Biella. In early 2008 he conceived the New Art, New Pop project about the development and promotion of New Pop movement in Italy.

Video Interview >>>

Alessandro Trabucco (Art Critic and Indipendent Curator)
President of the Jury - photographic art section

Art researcher and art critic, he has worked as an independent curator in private galleries and public spaces. He was one of the curators of the 4th contemporary art Exhibition “ALARMS” in the De Cristoforis barracks in Como. He has collaborated with the Flash Art magazine. From 2002 to 2006 he cooperated with the art and economy magazine “Bank Europe”, Milan. Since 2002 he has been correspondent from Milan and coordinator for the magazine Segno Arte Contemporanea, Pescara. Since 2007 he has cooperated with the magazine Gente di Fotografia.

Video Interview >>>



Stefano Coletto (Curator of the Bevilaqua La Masa Foundation, Venice)
Member of the Jury - painting section

Art historian and curator. He graduated in historical-Artistic Letters, with a thesis on Aesthetics. He taught art history in the Upper Secondary School, he dealt with art teaching and art teaching applied to the new media. Since 2003 he works as a curator at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice coordinating and creating various activities ; since 2005 he took over the project "Tomorrow now Pratiche artistiche contemporanee nella cultura digitale”. He has conceived and taken care of various projects for public and private institutions, he worked as assistant for the Design and Production of Visual Arts laboratories at the IUAV University of Venice.


Lorenzo Respi (Curator of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Milan)
Member of the Jury - sculpture section

He graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage,Contemporary Area,  at the Parma University and achieved the Master in Organization and Communication of Visual Arts at the Brera’s Accademia.
Since 2004 he has worked at the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan where he is responsible for the organization of temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection’s management. He specializes in the design and cataloging of artists’ archives and artworks.
He lives and works in Milan.

Rossella Bertolazzi (Director of the European Institute of Design in Milan)
Member of the Jury - photographic art section

She has always been working – often with the charge of director – in the field of education and media. She has also cured, as a freelancer, the realization of videos and journalistic services for many thematic TV and the organisation of cultural exhibitions and other events connected to the enterprise promotion. She has cooperated - as a redactor and editorial consultant – with many Italian publishing houses, such as Franco Angeli, Mursia, Mondadori, Garzanti, Rusconi, Feltrinelli.