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Finalist Exhibition

6th March 2010, Inauguration
6th - 27th March 2010

Main Exhibition
Tese di San Cristoforo, Arsenale of Venice

The 195 finalist artists' artworks are exhibited at the prestigious venue of the Arsenale of Venice. The overall winners of the contest sections, which are Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art, are awarded. It takes place also the assignation of Special Prizes, like Business for Art Prize, Tenuta S. Anna's award and all the Prizes linked to the several exhibition venues.

Under 25 Exhibition
Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice

The historical venue of Palazzo Correr, situated in Campo Santa Fosca, is reserved to the younger artists. There will be exhibited the artworks of 15 under25 artists which have distinguished themselves in the different stages of the contest.

12th - 26th April, 2010 Italian Cultural Institute, Wien
A summary of the major collective exhibition of finalist artists of the 4th Arte Laguna Prize takes place in Austria.

20th May - 3rd June, 2010 Italian Cultural Institute, Prague
The desire to communicate and promote the contemporary art leads the Prize to exhibit a selection of finalist artists of the 4th International Arte Laguna Prize also in the Czech Republic.


Section Painting: Guido Airoldi (Italy); Andreas Albrectsen (Denmark); Marìa José Ambrois (Uruguay); Josep Francés Anaya (Spain); Elisa Anfuso (Italy); Claudio Ardizzoni (Italy); Neslihan Baser (Turkey); Daniel Baum (Poland); Giorgia Beltrami (Italy); Sara Benaglia (Italy); Luca Beolchi (Italy); Francesca Bernardi (Italy); Lars Bjerre (Denmark); Simone Brandi (Italy); Laetitia Calcagno (France); Mauricio Alberto Calixto Sandoval (Colombia); Loredana Catania (Italy); Joseph Cavalieri (USA); Sonia Ceccotti (Italy); Maja Cecuk (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Mi-Young Choi (South Corea); Giuseppe Ciracì (Italy); Elena Del Fabbro (Italy); Alessandro Del Piero (Italy); Elizabeth Faul (Australia); Fiorella Fontana (Italy); Christian Ghisellini (Italy); Arina Gordienko (Russia); Federico Gori (Italy); Andrea Grappolo (Denmark); Lorenzo Guaia (Italy); Fabiana Guerrini (Italy); Markus Kasemaa (Estonia); Keon Min (South Korea); Koroo (Italy); Dina Levy (Israel); Albert Lobo (France); Lunat (France); Francesco Manenti (Italy); Florencia Martinez (Argentina); Sandro Martinello (Italy); Arisa Niwa (Japan); Sergio Padovani (Italy); Matteo Pagani (Italy); Rita Pierangelo (Italy); Alejandro Pintado (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Fabio Presti (Italy); Jessica Rimondi (Italy); Siva (Italy); Chiara Sorgato (Italy); Gàbor Szenteleki (Hungary); Agnes Toth (Hungary); Silvia Trăistaru (Romania); Malgorzata Turzenircka (Poland); Malgorzata Turzeniecka (Poland); Jasika Vuco Cesnovar (Croatia); Beliard Yoan (France); Yondonjamts Tuguldur (Mongolia); Simone Zaccagnini (Italy).

Section Photographic Art: Albanese Guido (Italy); Aresu Sergio Bruno (France); Balsamini Mattia (Italy); Berardi Aldo (Italy); Bloody Cheerleaders (Spain); Borrelli Franco (Italy); Burra Patrizia (Italy); Caleffi Giuseppe (Italy); Catastini Francesca (Italy); Cavani Simona (Italy); Cherchi Cristina (Italy); Cigliutti Manuela (Italy); Civiero Nicola (Italy); Duryagin Oleg (Russia); Edburg Daniela (U.S.A.); Ellingsen David (Canada); Fermariello Olivier (Italy); Fernandez Jose Moreno Ramon (Spain); Fiorese Mauro (Italy); Fiorito Massimo e Fluturel Narcisa (Italy / Romania); Frank Basil Colin (South Africa); FRP2 (Italy); Hu Yu Ho (Taiwan); Hyakutake Tetsugo (U.S.A.); Kander Nadav (Israel); Kozka Bronek (Australia); Kühn Karl (Austria); La Rosa Ariel Gabriele (Argentina); Loloi Jadid Yossef (Italy); Louie Larry (China); Magni Sara (Italy); Marchionni Monia e Bellumore Luca (Italy); Marroquin Doria Roberta (Mexico); Marshall Michael (U.S.A.); Micou Luis Alberto (Argentina); Montana Sally (Germany); Nati Barbara (Italy); Niño Carlos (Spain); Noferi Silvia (Italy); Palatresi Luca (Italy); Pantano Viola (Italy); Pecha Pavel (Slovakia); Piontek Birthe (Germany); Racasse Lucas (Belgium); Ricci Stefania (Italy); Scarpi Filippo (Italy); Silva Sofia (Portugal); Simhoni George (Israel); Spitznagel Carmen (Germany); Steinle Pietro (Germany); Toja Roberto (Italy); Tomicek Timotheus (Austria); Tortelotti Roberto (Italy); Van der Woude Hanne (Netherlands); Venturelli Devis (Italy); Vitrone Alessandro (Italy); Wall Allison (U.S.A.): West Dean (Australia); White Eric (U.S.A.); Williams Jeff and Sabrina (U.S.A. / Brazil).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Abiamba Francis (Camerun); Abolghasem Nasim (Iran); Asnaghi Sara (Italy); Battaglia Maurizio (Italy); Bergamaschi Alessandra (Brazil); Bottin Marco (Italy); Brighetti Alessandro (Italy); Canto Stafano (Italy); Cavagna Elvezia (Italy); Chiesa Marco (Italy); Clemmett Dan John (Australia); Corcione Giuseppe (Italy); D’Avino Daniela (Italy); De Luca Mauro (Italy); Demetz Leo Ferdinando (Italy); De Petriconi Jeanne (France); De Pol Roberto (Germany) ; Di Sopra Elisabetta (Italy); Droghetti Emanuele (Italy); Falaschetti Fidia (Italy); Fellini Marco (Italy); Gabrielli Paolo (Italy); Gao Shihe (China); Genovese Nicola (Italy); Ghasemkhani Anahita (Iran); Ghiraldelli Alessandra (Italy); Grego Tiberio (Italy); Grycko Monika (Poland); Hurwitz Jonty (South Africa); Hyon-Soo Kim (South Korea); udice de Menezes Sara (Portugal); Kao James Chen-Feng (Taiwan); Kihara Fumie (Japan); Lindsay David (U.S.A); Longo Giovanni (Italy); Maggiolini Morgan (Italy); Maio Alessandra (Italy); Massey Scott (Canada); Mezzapelle Lara (Italy); Mongelli Sara (Italy); Moon Younhee (South Korea); Pascaniuc Lia (Romania); Pasquali Francesca (Italy); Pezzoli Giorgia (Cile); Politelli Daniela (Italy); Reeves Evison Theodore (United Kingdom); Sanna Denise (Italy); Sansonetti Rosemarie (Italy); Santissimi (Renzetti Sara e Serra Antonello) (Italy); Schigal Olga (Russia); Schohl Hans (Germany); Selvaggi Antonio (Italy); Senoner Flavio (Italy); Sevilla Blanch Lydia (Spain); Stuhmer Marcellino (U.S.A); Subic Joze (Slovenia); Thompson Justin Randolph (U.S.A); Tumpic Davorka (Croatia); Winter Sarah (Germany); Yoshida Koji e Tironi Dario (Italy).

Special Selection Under 25: Attanasio Alice (Italy); Crazyone (Italy); De Cunto Fabrizio (Italy); Dimauro Filomena (Italy); González Salamanca Ana Paola (Colombia); Kirsten Wilmink (Germany); Loveday Angela (Italy); Me and Jesus (Italy); Moncaleano Luka (Italy); Ravera Nuvola (Italy); Rossini Elisa (Italy); Travanti Laura (Italy); Vinci Elena (Italy); West Cubby Lindsay (U.S.A.); Zaghi Mikol (Italy).


6th - 27th March 2010