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Jury of the 3th International Art Prize Arte Laguna


  Viviana Siviero (Indipendent curator)
President of the Jury – painting section

Art critic and independent curator, since 2004 she is  working  as a redactor at Espoarte Magazine.  Presently she’s also collaborating with Drome Magazine. In 1999 she established the didactic section at the Civic Picture Gallery of Savona – Milena Milani’s Museum Foundation to the memory of Carlo Cardazzo, curing the programming until 2007. In 2006 she published an interview in the first official monograph about Regina Josè Galindo (Vanilla Edition). She cooperates with many art galleries and public expositive settings. Her research is pointed to youths and border line tendencies connected to graphic (graphic novel), painting, installation, lowbrow art and photography.


Igor Zanti (Critic and Curator)
President of the Jury – sculpture section

Since 2000 he has been professionally interested in contemporary art and, in particularly, in the relation between cinema and visual arts. He has participated to many cinematic reviews as an organizational and artistic consultant. Since 2005 he is the curator of the Barbara Mahler Gallery, in Lugano (CH), and cooperates as a critic and curator with many other Italian and foreign art galleries. He collaborates with the Lecco FAI delegation in the organization of cinematic reviews and cultural events.


Carlo Sala (Critic of Art)
President of the Jury – photographic art section

Critic and free lance journalist admitted at the national register of journalists. He cooperated with many Italian art magazine, such as Arte In and Duemila. Nowadays he collaborates with Mug Magazine. He has been curing for a year the activities of the Centro Arti Visive “La Castella” in Motta di Livenza (Treviso) and now he is the Artistic Director of the Associazione Lazzari in Treviso. He cooperates as an independent curator in many public museums and private art galleries. Particularly, his activity is aimed to the planning and cure of those artistic reviews that explore the contemporary tendencies.



Rossella Bertolazzi (Director of the European Institute of Design in Milan)
Member of the Jury – Painting Section

She has always been working – often with the charge of director – in the field of education and media. She has also cured, as a freelancer, the realization of videos and journalistic services for many thematic TV and the organisation of cultural exhibitions and other events connected to the enterprise promotion. She has cooperated - as a redactor and editorial consultant – with many Italian publishing houses, such as Franco Angeli, Mursia, Mondadori, Garzanti, Rusconi, Feltrinelli.



Giovanni Bianchi (Historian of Art)
Member of the Jury – Painting Section

Art critic and historian. After obtaining his MA  degree at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, he prosecuted his studies his studies under Prof. Enrico Crispolti’s guide obtaining his specialization diploma in Archeology and History of Art at the University of Siena. In 2004 he obtained his Degree in History of Art at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, where he’s presently teaching History of Contemporary Art. He wrote many essays about artists, movements, artistic environments and institutions of the XX Century.


Marcello Carriero (Critic of Art)
Member of the Jury – Photographic Art Section

He works as a lecturer in the course of “Fashion and Artistic vanguards” at the course of fashion at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome and as a consultant for the visual arts at the Quartieri Festival of Art (Viterbo). In 2007 he published “Iperluogo e altri luoghi” [eng. trad. “Iperplace and other places”] (King,Viterbo); in 2006 “Volt” (Settecittà, Viterbo) and in 2000 “Oltre il muro magico” [eng. trad. “Beyond the magic wall”] (Settecittà, Viterbo). Since 2001 he’s cooperating with the Arte e Critica Magazine, Merzbau.it and Exibart.com.

Laurent Fabry (Photosapiens.com's director)
Member of the Jury – Photographic Art Section

Photosapiens.com's Director. After studying electronic engineering in France, LF left for England where he met with the World Wide Web in its very early days (1994, Oxford Brookes University, UK). A few years later (1998) he discovered digital photography, and found the perfect social, artistic, and fun activity he was looking for, and that might have things to do with the web. He then shortly founded his company and website Photosapiens.com (1999), and became a wedding photographer a few more years later. After running it for almost 10 years, LF now fully focuses on making Photosapiens.com website the ultimate online directory, magazine, and hosting platform, for whoever in the world deals with professional photography.


Ilaria Piccioni (Critic of art)
Member of the Jury – Photographic Art Section

She lives and works in Roma. Since 2006 she’s cooperating with the National Institute for graphics by participating at the projects of cataloguing of contemporary authors. Since 2002 she’s cooperating with Segno, the international magazine for contemporary art. She’s working at the Edicola Notte expositions in Rome, coordination area. She has been engaged  for a long time in the field of young creativity, by organizing activities and meeting about art and culture for the Municipality of Rome.

  Ilaria Simeoni (Historian of Art)
Member of the Jury – Painting Section
She graduated in Liberal-Arts and obtained her specialization degree in Economy of art and management of cultural assets. She has been admitted in the national register of journalists as a publicist. She works as a didactic operator at the Venetian Civic Museums and at the museum of the venetian Academy.  She cooperated with many art magazine, such as Teknemedia.it, Connessomagazine.com and Re-view and worked as a theater critic for “Il Venezia”. Presently she’s cooperating with the Wannabee Gallery in Milan as an art critic and with Art Laguna in the management of the didactic field at  Brolo Centro d’Arte e Cultura in Mogliano Veneto.

Annalisa Rosso (Critic of Art)
Member of the Jury – Sculpture Section

She began her studies in the anthropologic field and graduated in Theory of Literature. Presently she’s working as a journalist and contemporary art curator. She writes under the name of Angela Zanatti for Atcasa.corriere.it and cooperates with some art galleries.



Gloria Vallese  (Historian of Art – Lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice)
Member of the Jury – Sculpture Section

Semiotic  iconography  thinker, she works as a lecturer of History of Contemporary Art in the course of New Technologies at the Academy of fine Art in Venice. She cooperates with Arte Mondadori and she is a Venice editor for the Contemporary Magazine.  In the recent past she cured the following expositions: Atelier Aperti (collateral event of the 51 Venice Biennal, in 2005), Work in Progress/ ten artists at the Fondaco Marcello and the participation of young artists at the 2006 and 2007 editions of the Open exhibition by Paolo de Grandis (open-work exposition of sculpture and installation at Venice Lido). For the 2008 Open’s edition she’s curing  the beginning exposition of the CREAM group (Creativity and Research in Arts and Media) at San Servolo isle.