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Finalist Exhibition

The second edition of the Arte Laguna Prize collects subjects coming from all over the world carrying different identities and backgrounds.
Thanks to several events, prizes and travelling exhibitions, a new visibility is given to the artists and to the Treviso territory, through the promotion of an investigation of the different artistic languages..

Finalists exhibition Painting section
7th - 28th September 2007 Santa Caterina Museum Treviso
19th - 31st October 2007 Scotti Palace Treviso

Finalists exhibition Photography section
10th November - 2nd December 2007 Itinerant Exhibition, Mogliano Veneto, Treviso
25th November - 2nd December 2007 (Brolo Art and Cultural Center of Mogliano Veneto)
15th - 29th December 2007 III° Millennio Gallery, Venice

Another Events
21st September 2007: Palazzo Paradiso Biennale Venezia: Presentation of the Official Catalogue of the Works.

22nd September 2007: Boutique Fierstile: Cocktail with the Artists.

27th September 2007: Show Room "Night & Night Tv": Cocktail with the Artists ; Centro Giovani: Treviso Producers Soirée ; Riccardo De Cal presents Mempriae Causa. Daniele Carrer presents its works.

28th September 2007: Centro Giovani: Treviso Producers Soirée: Andrea Princivalli and Marco Buziol present a selection of their works.

29th September 2007: Toni Del Spin: Cocktail with the Artists.

4th - 8th October 2007: "Agrigento Arte" (Agrigento): Collective exhibition dedicated to the first-, second- and third- place winners of the Firs International Painting Prize Arte Laguna.

5th October 2007: Show Room Impronta: Cocktail with the Artists.

6th - 16th October 2007: Polin Gallery (Treviso): Personal exhibition connected to the Special Prize "Polin Gallery".

7th October 2007: Treviso: Meeting with Mario Curreri, producer of the film "Settanta".

12th October 2007: Travel Agency: Cocktail with the Artists.

19th October 2007: La Tordera: Tasting with the Artists.

19th - 31st October 2007: Scotti Palace Treviso.

20th October 2007: Marton Library: Cocktail with the Artists.

21st October 2007: Treviso : Meeting with the singer Alberto Cantone: fragments of the history of the Music in Treviso since the Nineties ; Meeting with the author Giuseppe Vanzella: "Gente di Treviso. Storie di Trevigiani senza storia".

26th October 2007: Biffi Bar : Cocktail with the Artists.

1st - 10th December 2007: L'Occhio Art Gallery (Venezia): Personal exhibition of the Winner.

1st - 15th April 2008: Wannabee Gallery (Milan): personal exhibition connected to the Special Prize "Wannabee Gallery".

2nd - 5th October 2008: Agrigento Arte (Agrigento): Collective exhibition dedicated to the three finalist artists of the Second International Painting Prize Arte Laguna.


Section Painting: Stefan Arletti (Bulgaria); Massimo Attardi (Italy); Serena Barbisan (Italy); Edgardo Battiston (Italy); Luca Bidoli (Italy); Simone Bonato (Italy); Annalù - A. Boeretto (Italy); Eleonora Bortolami (Italy); Luisa Cancian (Italy); Giacomo Ceccagno (Italy); Enza Clapis (Italy); Elio Cocco (Italy); Emanuele Convento (Italy); Luca Dalmazio (Italy); Paolo De Biasi (Italy); Anna Dennis (Italy); Walter Föster (Germany); Paolo Forte (Italy); Paolo Gamba (Italy); Attilio Giordano (Italy); Wim Heldens (Netherlands); Annalisa Iuri (Italy); Olivera Jonovic (Serbia); Hayssam Masri (Lebanon); Silvia Mauri (Italy); Jonathan Milburn (Scotland); Dario Molinaro (Italy); Luigi Mosca (Italy); Milena Nicosia (Italy); Carlo Alberto Palumbo (Italy); Michela Pedron (Italy); Giulio Perfetti (Italy); Lisa Perini (Italy); Luciano Rizzato (Italy); Roberto Rostin (Italy); Isabella Ruzzene (Italy); Claudio Silvano (Italy); Andrew Smaldone (USA); Matthew Sweig (Canada); Salvatore Tafuro (Italy); Diego Testolin (Italy); Paolo Vaccari (Italy); Marika Vicari (Italy); Nicol Vizioli (Italy); Giulio Zanet (Italy).

Section Photographic Art: Michael Kai (Germany); Michael Najjar (Germany); Jacopo Jenna (Italy); Riccardo Abate (Italy); Elide Arosio (Italy); Massimo Attardi (Italy); Pietro Bagnara (Italy); Emanuele Beltramini (Italy); Stefania Binato (Italy); Raffaele Bonivento (Italy); Gilberto Borghesi (Italy); Massimo Borsini (Italy); Michele Bressan (Italy); Alessio Carosi (Italy); Vito Carta (Italy); Luca Dalmazio (Italy); Gaetano Facincani (Italy); Viviana Falcomer (Italy); Fabio Ferraccioli (Italy); Pierluigi Fornasier (Italy); Elena Galanti (Italy); Carlo Galliotto (Italy); Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian (Italy); Salvatore Giannì (Italy); Sara Giordani (Italy); Giovanni Gozzelino (Italy); Alberto Graziani (Italy); Adriano Janezic (Italy); A.H. Klein (Israel); Joanna Maria Kus (Poland); Davide Nesti (Italy); Marina Palpati (Italy); Paola Pansini (Italy); Francesco Maria Paolini (Italy); Michela Pedron (Italy); Vittorio Pellazza (Italy); Alessandro Pianca (Italy); Diego Pizi (Italy); Serena Porrati (Italy); Fernando Principi (Argentina); Fabia Rodi (Italy); Michael Sardelic (Austria); Andrea Sarti (Italy); Chiara Scarfò (Italy); Indre Serphytyte (Lithuania); Matteo Stocco (Italy); Carl Sweets (USA); Anouk Tessereau (France); Max Tomasinelli (Italy); Stefano Tubaro (Italy).


2th Edition