The ambassadors of the Arte Laguna Prize are the representatives of the competition’s activities in various countries around the world. They collaborate as enthusiasts and art lovers, sensitive and attentive to cultural exchanges, to the dissemination of opportunities for artists in order to enhance art and international culture.

Tim van den Oudenhoven | Arte Laguna Prize

Tim van den Oudenhoven – Germany / Belgium

Tim van den Oudenhoven is a photographic artist and founder and curator of ExtractArt, a multidisciplinary project involving pop-up exhibitions, book publishing, and online gallery activities.
As an artist, his works explore the limits of the photographic medium, using a variety of analog and digital techniques. His work focuses on the limitations of photography as a bearer of truth, and moves away from the medium’s purported adherence to objectivity. While the starting point is always photographic, the end result can explore various artistic fields, from sculpture to performance art.
In 2019, he founded ExtractArt, a platform combining book publishing with a pop-up gallery, presenting exhibitions in locations around Berlin as well as through participation in a number of art fairs around Germany. Rather than concentrating on a specific medium, ExtractArt’s focus is on offering a platform for talented emerging artists to show their work.
In the 11th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, Tim won a Special Prize with a Residency at Fallani Venezia Serigraphy and he was also a finalist in the photography section of the 16th edition.

info@timvandenoudenhoven.com | www.timvandenoudenhoven.com | IG: @timvandenoudenhoven

Side Yang | Arte laguna Prize ambassador

Yang Side – China

Founder of VZART Culture & Art Exchange Association and supporter of Italy-San Marino-China cultural exchanges, he is also a forward-looking and exploratory artist with a master’s degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

He is engaged in international and curatorial art analysis and exchanges. He has many years of experience and success in cooperation and liaison between universities, governments and international businesses, as well as in market management and brand marketing. The excellent planning and organization skills, combined with leadership skills, interpersonal relationship management and negotiation have allowed him to become project manager, ambassador and consultant for various institutions in China, Italy and abroad, including the General Chamber of Commerce of Fujian in Italy, CASME – Committee for Investment Development,  Government of Fujian Nanjing County, FISPMED ONLUS – International Federation for Sustainable Development and The Fight against Poverty in the Mediterranean – Black Sea, Alliance of International Contemporary Artists (AICA).  For his experience and knowledge in the artistic field he was appointed Honorary Deputy Director of the Sunshine International Art Museum in Beijing.

Stefano.Yang@hotmail.com | ID WeChat: VZART-Yangside  |  IG: @side.yang

Sona Minasian – Armenia

Sona Minasian develops Armenian contemporary art by building international cultural connection and bridges from America to Asia. She has three educations in the field of art, including art management and cultural project management.

She oversees the only art cluster in downtown Yerevan, ArtKvartal, the capital of Armenia. Helps young artists build professional international careers. 

sona.minasyan@mail.ru | IG: @sona_mi