Gli ambassador del Premio Arte Laguna sono i rappresentanti delle attività del concorso in vari paesi del mondo. Collaborano come appassionati e amanti dell’arte, sensibili e attenti agli scambi culturali, alla diffusione di opportunità per gli artisti al fine di valorizzare l’arte e la cultura internazionale.

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj – United Kingdom

Annamarie trained as a classical ballet dancer followed by a career as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor/Examiner. She holds a BA Hons in Philosophy, Lancaster University, UK and a BA Fine Art with Honours in Painting, National Art School, Sydney, Australia, where she was awarded the Hospiz Residency, Reg Richardson Travelling Scholarship, St. Vincent’s Hospital Acquisitive Prize, Parkers Fine Art Award, William Fletcher Foundation Award.
As finalist in the Arte Laguna Prize 15th, 13th, and 10th Editions, awarded Special Prizes: Caudan Arts Centre Exhibition, Singulart Prize, Biafarin Honours Award, Fallani Serigraphy Residency. Recipient of 2020 Circle Arts Foundation IDEAL Magazine back cover and 2020-2018 Finalist of the Year Awards. 2016-2014 Art Gemini Prize finalist, awarded 2nd Place in 2015 and 2016, 2014 Lynn Painter Stainers Prize finalist. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in public and private collections.
In her work, Annamarie seeks to explore fleeting moments of a world in constant flux. Moments in time she sees as suggesting rather than defining a space, one that exists between what is seen and unseen, reflecting the indeterminate nature of the world we live in.

adzendrowskyj@gmail.com | annamarie.dzendrowskyj.com | IG: @annamarie_dzendrowskyj

Yang Side | Arte Laguna Prize

Yang Side – China

Founder of VZART Culture & Art Exchange Association and supporter of Italy-China cultural exchanges, he is also a forward-looking and exploratory artist with a master’s degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

He is engaged in international and curatorial art analysis and exchanges. He has many years of experience and success in cooperation and liaison between universities, governments and international businesses, as well as in market management and brand marketing. The excellent planning and organization skills, combined with leadership skills, interpersonal relationship management and negotiation have allowed him to become project manager, ambassador and consultant for various institutions in China, Italy and abroad, including the General Chamber of Commerce of Fujian in Italy, CASME – Committee for Investment Development,  Government of Fujian Nanjing County, FISPMED ONLUS – International Federation for Sustainable Development and The Fight against Poverty in the Mediterranean – Black Sea, Alliance of International Contemporary Artists (AICA).  For his experience and knowledge in the artistic field he was appointed Honorary Deputy Director of the Sunshine International Art Museum in Beijing.

Stefano.Yang@hotmail.com | ID WeChat: VZART-Yangside

Iaonnis Karounis | Arte Laguna Prize

Ioannis Karounis- Greece

Ioannis Karounis is a Performer and Choreographer. He is also a Filmmaker, with a keen interest in video and documentaries. loannis has collaborated with many theaters, festivals, dance companies, international productions and cultural institutions in Greece and abroad and he has presented his work indoors, outdoors and in public spaces. His artistic work incorporates a broad spectrum of activities including improvisation, research and movement. As a filmmaker, he creates short documentaries and uses his video camera as an integral component in his daily life. His passion for video and movement led him to co-found the International Dance Film Festival – Athens Video Dance Project in 2010. 

He studied dance at Jacob’s Pillow Dance School, the National School of Dance (Greece), and the Kontaxaki Professional Dance School (Greece). He also studied performance at the University of Athens. He has collaborated with artists, institutions, and festivals worldwide, including the Marina Abramovic Institute, NEON Organisation, Benaki Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece), National Theater of Norway, Niarchos Foundation, Documenta 14 (Athens/Kassel), stART – Robert Bosch Stiftung, David Dorfman Company, XVII Festival International de Danza Contemporanea (Mexico), Kalamata International Dance Festival, Athens, Epidaurus Festival, National Theater of Greece, International Dance Festival of South Korea, Hostscena Festival (Alesund-Norway), Hellenic Dance Company, Biennale Athens AB5to6, Echo Echo Dance Festival (Ireland), Off Europa Festival (Germany), Arc for Dance International Festival, Greek Contemporary Dance Platform, Dance Days Chania (Greece). The creation of his piece Orbital was funded by the I.F. Kostopoulos Foundation and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. He is a founding member of the SaLtaTor Physical Dance Group.

ioanniskarounis@gmail.com | www.ioanniskarounis.com | www.filming.gr | www.avdp.gr


Doug Winter – United States

Doug Winter is a semi-sighted artist investigating partial blindness and visual impairment through experimental photographic processes. He uses the camera as a conceptual mechanism to investigate how our human system adapts, grieves, and adjusts to significant physical impairment. 

“Photography is regarded as a truthful medium and the images I create honor the diversity of personal truths,” he says of his work. To push this aspect even further, each artwork is accompanied by accessibility features allowing anyone, anywhere in the community to experience his work in a variety of ways. Pairing bilingual (English, Spanish) accessibility features such as closed-captioned video, alt text, image descriptions, sign language and voiceover descriptions opens his work to a wide and diverse audience.

An early adopter of NFT creation, he believes in broadening physical and digital spaces with the hope to break down existing barriers in experiencing art and making art equitable to all who wish to have a more robust art experience. 

An established artist, his work is exhibited and collected internationally. 

doug@dougwinterstudio.com | FB: doug.winter.90813 | IG: @doug_winter_studio

Pengpeng Wang – China and Italy

CEO of A60 International Art, International Project Coordinator of A60 Contemporary Art  Space Milan, Florence and Beijing. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship recipient,  Ph.D. candidate in History of Art, Aesthetics, Languages of the Image at University of  Salerno, and Ph.D. candidate in Fine Arts at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. He moved  to Italy at 2016, studied Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages at Academy of Fine Arts  in Florence with Master of Fine Arts graduation. He followed his second master in Cultural  Planning, Art, Design, Cultural Enterprise at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and  Politecnico Milano from 2019 to 2020. He has extensive experience in the field of  contemporary art: exhibitions, reports, awards and competitions in different countries: USA,  China, Hong Kong (China), Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, France,  etc.

info@a60artspace.com | www.a60artspace.com | IG: @pengpeng.wang_

Marzia Messina and Sham Hinchey – United States

Marzia is an Italian creative and Sham a British photographer, the duo met in Rome where they began a full-time collaboration under the name “Marshamstreet”. They have worked on advertising campaigns for major agencies, their fine art projects have been published and exhibited internationally. Their photography focuses on humankind in all its forms and expressions but also draws to the evocative power of the urban landscape, they feel a calling to forgotten places, where marginal existences flourish despite hardship. They are equally sensitive to the social themes which touch and beckon them, attracted to the communicative strength of faces and unconventional beauty, through light that reveals, amplifies, or hides.

In a seemingly incompatible duo such as theirs, sharing lives and artistic professions in which personal philosophies and cultural diversities collide but then somehow merge, forming a common language which sometimes sparks an artistic project. 

Marzia and Sham are currently living in New York pursuing their professional and artistic careers. 

They were finalists at the 15th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize.

mars@marshamstreet.com | www.marshamstreet.com | IG: @marsandsham

Giovanni Morassutti | Arte Laguna Prize

Giovanni Morassutti – USA, Germany and Bangladesh

Giovanni Morassutti is an actor and director representative of psychological realism who has appeared in more than 30 films. In the art world, he is best known for his involvement in climate change theater and as the founder of two art residencies by the name of Art Aia.  He believes that art can facilitate cultural exchange across borders by offering  Artist in Residence programs focused on sustainability in the arts, open to international artists that generally culminate with an exhibiting event. He has been giving lectures and talks in Europe and the Americas including at the “Climate ChanCe” conference organized by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice where he received a special mention for the theater production of “When” written by Wren Brian,  being part of Climate Change Theatre Action 2021 and at the International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts “Create the future” 2022 organized by the Transcultural Exchange in Boston, Massachusetts where Morassutti was sponsored by the Betsy Carpenter foundation and the Rudi Punzo Memorial Fund to present strategies for enforcing activities and opportunities for cross-disciplinary projects incorporating art, theater, science, and environmentalism. Giovanni has written several articles and essays about his experience as an actor as well as an art manager sharing his perspectives on the creative process and international arts management in the Western and the non-Western world thanks to his international collaborations such as the one with Uronto Artist Community in Bangladesh.

artaiafvg@gmail.com | Google Arts & Culture | FB: @giovanni.morassutti