Singulart | Paris, France

Singulart | Arte Laguna Prize

Singulart is a contemporary online art gallery based in Paris. Its aim is to empower artists from all over the world in order to give them visibility at an international level and allow artists to be discovered by avid collector. Singulart aims and succeeds in breaking down the geographic boundaries between collectors and artists. Without the platform, these collectors may never have come across these artworks in their physical travels.

Diversity is part of Singulart’s DNA, not only for their international team but also for the curated artists selection. Singualart exhibits painters, illustrators, sculptors, photographers, digital artists, and many more who come from varied backgrounds and express themselves through a range of mediums. Their experienced team speaks 28 languages, and the platform is already available to view in eight. Furthermore, they have established a strong offline presence and have participated in a number of international art fairs.

Singulart works for building a community of international artists and sell their artworks.


  • Promozione di 2 artisti con i seguenti servizi della piattaforma Singulart:
  • - account sul sito web di Singulart
  • - intervista su Singulart Magazine (tradotta in FR/EN/DE/IT/SP)
  • - newsletter dedicata per i collezionisti
  • - promozione sui social media
  • - shooting fotografico in studio

  • Selezione di 25 artisti per un'esclusiva asta online di 1 settimana sulla piattaforma Singulart