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22 March - 6 April 2014

Finalist Exhibition

21st March 2015, 6 p.m., Inauguration
21st March - 5th April 2015

Main Exhibition
Nappe Arsenale, Venice

Exhibition of the 110 finalist artists of the contest sections of painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and environmental art.
Live performances during the inauguration, award and special prizes ceremony.

Virtual and Digital Art Exhibition
Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice

Exhibition to discover the artworks created using computer or digital application and devices, 5 works of international artists commented by Domenico Quaranta, one of the jury members.


Section Painting: Hadieh Afshani (Tehran | Iran); Mónica Alvarez Herrasti (Mexico City | Mexico); Victoria Arney (Southampton | United Kingdom); Peter Baldinger (Linz | Austria), Bettina Beranek (Neunkirchen | Austria); Jessie Brennan (Plymouth | United Kingdom); John Brennan (Liverpool | United Kingdom); Hugo Cardenas (Bogotá | Colombia); Maxine Chionh (Singapore); Andrea Ciresola (Verona | Italia 1971); Ana Couceiro (Abrantes | Portugal); Maria Cultrera (Catania | Italy); Alexander Egorov (Kropotkin | Russia); Andrea F.L. Granchi (Antibes | France); Judit Horvath Loczi (Budapest | Hungary); Zoe Hounta (Athens | Greece); Kirstin Lamb (Summit, New Jersey | United States); Dario Maglionico (Naples | Italy); Filip Mirazovic (Sabac | Serbia); Zhi Mo (Yibin | P.R. China); Nasim Sima (Sary | Iran); Estela Ortiz Rodo (Barcelona | Spain); Kateřina Pažoutová (Zlín | Czech Republic); Pamela Pintus (Rome | Italy); Luca Rinaldi (Rome | Italy); Noemi Staniszewska (Gdańsk | Poland); Andrea Sante Taddei (Mantua | Italy); Alexander Wtges (Panama | Republic of Panama); Yu-Hsin Wu (Pingtung | Taiwan); Yan Zhisheng (Hubei | P.R. China).

Section Photographic Art: Sarah Elise Abramson (Torrance, California | United States); Lena Aliper (Moscow | Russia); Greg Allum (Reading | United Kingdom); Ferdinand Bart Alst (The Hague | The Netherlands); Judi Altman (Point Pleasant, New Jersey | United States); Pierfranco Argentiero (Varese | Italy); Malgorzata Basinska (Krasnik | Poland); Francesca Belgiojoso (Milan | Italy); Nicoletta Boraso (Treviso | Italy); Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto (Venice, Verona | Italy); Peter Braunholz (Hannover | Germany); Patty Carroll (Chicago, Illinois | United States); Joseph Desler Costa (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | United States); Tomer Ganihar (Tel Aviv | Israel); Marta Gòngora (Seville | Spain); Juri Gottschall (Hamburg | Germany); Faraz Habiballahian (Tehran | Iran); Andrea Hamilton (Lima | Perù); Sarah Hobbs (Lynchburg, Virginia | United States); Anna Hoffman (Saint Petersburg | Russia); Luca Lupi (Pisa | Italy); Maco Vargas (Lima | Perù); Birgit Moser (Offenburg | Germany); Lars Nordby (Arendal | Norway); Paula Noya (Lugo | Spain); Norma Picciotto (Milan | Italy); Rulfo (Montevideo | Uruguay); Christopher Sims (Detroit, Michigan | United States); Agustina Speroni (Buenos Aires | Argentina); Wo-Bik Wong (Hong Kong | China S.A.R.).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Anele (Chisinau | Moldavia); Igor Antic (Novi Sad | Serbia); CKӦ (Zurich | Switzerland); Mohsen Baghernejad Moghanjooghi (Tehran | Iran); Hans Beckers (Schoten | Belgium); Francesca Maria Cabrini (Milan | Italy); Isobel Church (London | United Kingdom); Frédéric Develay (Saint-Cloud | France); Mekhitar Garabedian (Aleppo | Syria); Kwangwoo Han (Seoul | South Korea); Klaas Hübner (Berlin | Germany); Christine Kettaneh (Beirut | Lebanon); Alexander Kosolapov (Moscow | Russia); Léa Maleh (Beirut | Lebanon); Rosie Leventon (Bath | United Kingdom); Anthia Loizou (Athens | Greece); Ernesto Longobardi (Naples | Italy); Suresh Babu Maddilety (Andhra Pradesh | India); Mariangela Marra (Zurich | Switzerland); Gonul Nuhoglu (Istanbul | Turkey); Loïc Pantaly (Pertuis | France); Emiliano Yuri Paolini (Rome | Italy); Matteo Peretti (Rome | Italy); Pedro Pires (Luanda | Angola); Claire Ranaut (Saint Germain en Laye | France); Seung Wook Sim (Seoul | South Korea); Gian Paolo Striano (Naples | Italy); Thelma Leonor Espinal (Dominican Republic); Annalisa Venturini (Mantua | Italy); Cristian Villavicencio (Quito | Ecuador).

Section Performance: Mo’ Mohamed Benhadj (Blida | Algeria); Shelbatra Jashari (Prishtina | Kosovo); Nakagawa Kenta (Shiga | Japan); Richter / Meyer / Marx (Dresden | Germany); Julian Scordato (Pordenone | Italy).

Section Video Art: Renata Bünter (Stans | Switzerland); Daniel Nicolae Djamo (Bucharest | Romania); Lotte Meret Effinger (Berlin | Germany); Berivan Erdogan (Molde | Norway); Gilles Fontolliet (Zürich | Switzerland); Giulia Giannola (Naples | Italy); Oren Lavie (Tel Aviv | Israel); Lukas Marxt (Schladming | Austria); Navid Sanati (Tehran | Iran); Gabriella Sonabend (London | United Kingdom).

Section Virtual and Digital Art: Laurus Edelbacher (Melk | Austria); Roberto Fassone (Cuneo | Italy); Benjamin Grosser (Chicago, Illinois | United States); Rory Laycock (Oxford | England); Pavel Mrkus (Mělník | Czech Republic).

Section Land Art: A M Halbich (Rimini | Italy); Yasuhiro Chida (Kanagawa | Japan); Andrew Friend (Norwich | United Kingdom); Gabriela Flores del Pozo (Lima | Peru); Gr.IN lab (Genoa | Italy); Juerg Luedi (Bern | Switzerland); Anna Ramasco (Turin | Italy); Philippe Raymond (Neufchâtel-en-Bray | France); Andrew Shannon (Dublin | Ireland); Marcella Tisi (Genoa | Italy).

22nd March - 6th April 2014