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Inge van Heerde in Bodrum for The Art Department

8th November 2017

Inge van Heerde (Emmeloord, Netherlands) – winner of the Art Residencies program of the 11th edition of Arte Laguna Prize – young and blonde Dutch artist, has just finished her residency at The Art Department (Bodrum, Turkey) and she is very excited about it. We asked her to tell us a little bit about her experience and her story really moved us. Here you can read what she had to say, we hope it will move you too.

From October 6th to November 3rd, Inge completely immersed herself in a very fascinating but also very different cultural reality: Turkey's immersive spaces of the Art Department, cultural partner of Arte Laguna Prize also for the current edition.
Sweet Inge told us how Turkey has "stolen" her heart and how local people made her feel "at home". She is very thankful for the Art Residencies program and says: "I would definitely recommend it. It was a time to discover, to do research, to experiment, and to get clearer picture about my work". Like her, we also hope that this experience can lead to new collaborations and that Inge will be able to work again in this country where two continents meet and distant cultures blend together.
Inge, born in 1986, has very clear ideas despite her young age. She told us that the days spent in Turkey gave her a huge boost of confidence and a great sense of appreciation for her work: "Creatively, I experimented a lot more. I feel I’ve been working on a series of projects, rather than on one specific project and I hope this experience will help me gain a little more international acclaim. I think it’s very valuable to immerse yourself and your arts into another world.
By being in a different place and letting go of daily routines, you’ll soon look at your work in different ways.”

The series The thoughts are on the roof is about those highly talented people who don’t fit a standard idea of how they should contribute to society. They’re unrequested outcasts. For this reason Inge claims that “If you want to find out about the motives and ideas of people, you have to make an effort. You have to climb the roof, so to speak”.

She shot a lot of pictures and here we will show you a few of them.