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Artist in Residence

San Francisco Art Residency | San Francisco

San Francisco Art Residency


International Art Residency
in San Francisco for 1 month + final exhibition

The residency includes:
- Tech Shop membership package (1 month membership + 4 premium classes) to access industrial tools and equipment to improve skills and build new projects
- accommodation at The Growlery (private room with bath in a communal building)
- work & exhibition space at the Pacific Felt Factory Arts Complex
- materials
- logistic support
- final exhibition

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San Francisco, USA

San Francisco Art Residency is a unique alliance of three partners – Tech Shop, The Growlery, and the Pacific Felt Factory Arts Complex. San Francisco is known for its entrepreneurial, free-spirited atmosphere and creative individuals of all stripes thrive on the city’s pioneering spirit. It’s an environment where people take pride in inventing new approaches. That quintessentially San Franciscan renegade spirit is embodied by ventures such as the three residency partners. Each institution is a creative solution to the problem of equal access & opportunity as it relates to the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tech Shop is a member-based fabrication workshop that allows people of all skill levels access to industrial tools and equipment to build their own projects, at a fraction of what would otherwise be prohibitive costs. Typical equipment includes manual & CNC-operated metal & woodworking machines, welding equipment, design software, 3-D printers, laser-cutters, industrial sewing machines, and much more.

The Growlery is a privately run artist residency centrally located in San Francisco’s historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. It provides artists with rent-free accommodations in a city where affordability is a real hurdle for professional artists. Artists live & work in a beautifully restored Victorian-era home, in a communal environment alongside a small, diverse group of peers.

Pacific Felt Factory (PFF) is a non-profit art space located in San Francisco’s Mission District. In proud contrast to current market trends, PFF serves the Bay Area arts community by providing artists with below-market-rate studios and an exhibition/event space. PFF hosts professional development workshops, creative events, pop-up exhibits and screenings, and fosters opportunity for those underserved in the arts.

During the residency month, the selected artist will be accommodated at The Growlery and receive access to the machines & equipment at the TechShop, including training related to the safe use of the equipment. TechShop is primarily where the artist will produce the bulk of their work. The residency will culminate in an exhibition and artist talk focused on the work created during the program, hosted at the Pacific Felt Factory.


Fabio TassoFabio Tasso
(Savona, Italy)

Winners at 11th edition
Residency period:
to be defined