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Artist in Gallery "ART re.FLEX GALLERY"





St. Petersburg, Russia
History and Mission
ART re. FLEX Gallery was founded in 2006. Since the very beginning the gallery worked mostly with those artists, who had already became classics of the local art-scene whose works had been parts of the museum collections in Russia and abroad. Since 2011 the magistral strategy for development is co-operating with artists included in the international context of contemporary as well as providing start-ups for young artists and curators, plus participating in significant exhibitions, international festivals and collaborating with different art-institutions.

Position in the St Petersburg art scene
ART re.FLEX Gallery is one of 10 most respectful commercial contemporary art galleries in St.Petersburg. The gallery is a part of St.Petersburg Contemporary Art Gallery Association and takes acrive part in city's cultural life

Anna Bittersohl (Dachau, Germany)
Exhibition period:
October 3rd - 24th, 2014

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The gallery will select an artist for the realization of a personal exhibition including set-up and opening. The organization of the prize will cover transportation expenses (max € 500) and will publish a catalogue dedicated to the selected artist.