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Special Prizes

Benny Katz (Israel)


 Special Prize Giudecca 795 Art Gallery
painting section

13 - 24 Febbruary 2009
 : 13 February - 6PM

Galleria Giudecca 795
Fondamenta San Biagio, 795
Venezia (VE)
infotel +39 340 8798 327

Will Art – and..  hot cocoa – “save us”?
A bit of light-hearted irony blended with interesting technique are the characteristics of the emerging artist Benny Katz, who interprets details of everyday life. 
Exhibiting for the first time in Italy (and timing his solo show to coincide with Carnival), Katz is the winner of a special prize at
the Third Premio Internazionale Arte Laguna for his paintings, and his exhibition includes canvases and sculptures, as well as some unusual Carnival masks.
The vernissage is scheduled on 13 February at 6 pm, saluting Carnival with cups of hot chocolate.
Born in Sao-Paulo, Brazil (1973), Katz uses simple, light, accessible materials and merges two-dimensional painting with three-dimensional objects in an attempt to penetrate the viewer's space. It is an approach that intertwines reality with biographical experience. His quest overshadows  social and political issues and juxtaposes innocence, simplicity, and lost childhood against a cynical, post-modern industrialised world. His works involve surrealism and dark humour, taking familiar themes and giving them dark, kinky overtones. The solo show is organized in cooperation with the Associazione Culturale Il Leone di Plastica.
"Oops!” -  Benny Katz art exhibit, from 13 to 24 February 2009
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 3.30 pm - 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11.30 am - 8 pm.
Vernissage on 13 February at 6 pm with hot chocolate: free admission; please confirm by email or phone (+39) 3408798327.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Hi res photos are available, please phone (+39) 3408798327

Galleria Giudecca 795
Fondamenta San Biagio, 795
Venezia (VE)
infotel (+39) 3408798327